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Our core mission is unwavering – to bridge the gap between exceptional nurses, including RNs, LVNs, and CNAs, and the vast landscape of healthcare opportunities awaiting them. We’re committed to you, focusing on creating pathways that support work-life balance, alleviate stress, and boost job satisfaction. Embrace the change with Essential Healthcare Staffing.

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Elevate your professional journey as a per diem therapist or assistant. Discover roles that redefine work-life balance and financial autonomy. Connect with us to explore how you can transform your career today.

Therapy Essentials

For Supplemental Services

Are you an Allied Healthcare Professional?

Follow the steps below to fulfill the journey.

  • Discovery Call: Let’s talk about your expertise, ambitions, and how we fit into your career path. It’s all about understanding each other from the get-go.
  • Professional Alignment: We match your skills and goals with the perfect opportunities. Placements made precise, ensuring you thrive.
  • Skill and Compatibility Assessment: Our advanced, but simple assessments align your qualifications with our clients’ needs, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Smooth Integration and Placement: Guided integration into our network sets you up for success, providing all the details you need to make an impact.
  • Onboarding and Training: Comprehensive support from day one, with everything you need to succeed at your fingertips.
  • Continuous Support and Growth: Regular check-ins and access to learning resources keep your career on an upward trajectory.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand by our placements with a guarantee that underscores our commitment to your success and satisfaction.


Part-Time Per Diem Perks

✔️ Flexible Scheduling: Choose assignments that fit seamlessly into your life, offering unparalleled flexibility for your work schedule.

✔️ Competitive Flat Rate: Enjoy transparent, competitive compensation for your services, ensuring fair pay for every assignment.

✔️ Regular Referral Requests: Receive consistent referrals in and near your area, keeping your schedule as full as you prefer.

✔️ Lite Home Healthcare Virtual Assistance: Minimize paperwork and administrative tasks with our virtual support, allowing you to focus on patient care.

✔️ Essential Profile Feature: Enhance your visibility to potential employers by showcasing your skills and experience on your Essential profile.

✔️ Diverse Work Experience: Explore a variety of clinical settings to expand your professional expertise.

✔️ Work-Life Balance: Achieve the perfect balance between your professional duties and personal time.

✔️ Reduced Burnout: Enjoy the freedom to manage your workload, helping to prevent burnout by choosing when and how much you work.

✔️ Autonomy in Job Selection: Select assignments that align with your qualifications and professional interests.

✔️ Professional Growth Opportunities: Utilize short-term assignments for ongoing professional development and explore paths to long-term opportunities.

✔️ Networking and Community: Join a supportive community and widen your professional network across diverse healthcare settings.

✔️ No Long-Term Commitments Required: Work without the constraints of long-term contracts, with clear communication about your active or inactive status to keep you informed.

Additional Perks:

✔️ Less than 40 Visits Per Month: Enjoy a manageable workload that suits part-time preferences.

✔️ Weekly Pay: Benefit from the convenience of receiving your compensation on a weekly basis.

✔️ HR Support: Access to online or over-the-phone HR support for any inquiries or assistance you may need.

Customized Healthcare Pathways

Unlock Your Potential with Home Healthcare Success

Crafted for Allied Healthcare Professionals dedicated to making a difference over months, not moments. Select the opportunity that aligns with your life.

Essential Tiers for Allied

For Contract to Permanent Placement

2 Months

20 to 160 visits 

Builds on the 1 Month Option with:

✓ 120 to 160 visits

✓ Full Time commitment

✓ HR Support

✓ Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits

1 Month

✓ 40 to 80 visits

✓ Flat Rate

✓ Available as Part Time or Full Time

✓ Weekly Pay

✓ Direct Deposit

✓ Home Health Virtual Assistance

3 Months

Extends the 2 Months Option with:

✓ 240 visits

✓ Full Time commitment

✓ Inclusion of a 401K plan alongside previous benefits

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Perm Placement Section

Transform Your Path in Allied Healthcare

Permanent Placement Opportunities for Stability and Growth

For Allied Healthcare Professionals ready to define their path or explore new horizons.

Career Opportunities in Diverse Settings for Every Life Stage

Skilled Nursing Facilities
Home Health Agencies
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