Frequency Asked Questions

The Essential Core Tier provides access to a wide range of part-time healthcare professionals across various specialties, suitable for short-term or sporadic needs.

The Essential Advanced Tier offers services for longer, moderate-term engagements, with full-time worker allocation and enhanced support, including specialized professionals and dedicated customer service.

The ‘In-Depth Credential Verification’ includes comprehensive checks of qualifications, background, and references to ensure the highest standards of compliance and expertise for your long-term staffing needs.

Changes to package tiers can be discussed with our dedicated account management team to ensure your evolving staffing needs are met.

‘HR Administrative Relief’ refers to our services that reduce the administrative burden of hiring, such as managing paperwork, compliance, and other HR-related tasks.

The ‘Essential Boost Technique’ involves enhanced strategies to increase the visibility of your staffing needs, using our proprietary methods for more efficient candidate matching.

The Home Health Virtual Assistance Concierge is included in the Essential Premier Tier without additional fees, offering advanced digital support for healthcare management.

This feature ensures continuity in staffing services by automatically replenishing your account to a pre-set level at the end of each service period, ensuring uninterrupted support.

With Dedicated Account Management, you receive personalized, ongoing support for all your staffing needs, including strategic planning, problem resolution, and tailored service adjustments.

The quality of professionals is consistently high across all tiers. The primary difference lies in the level of service customization, duration, and additional support features offered in each tier.

“Our flat rates cover evaluations, revisits, and non-Oasis discharge visits, providing clear pricing for these appointment types. Please note that Start of Care, Transfer of Care, and Discharge Oasis visits are not included under this structure and are subject to our à la carte fees, offering flexible solutions for specialized services.”

Still Have Questions?

Whether you require expert Allied Health Professionals or specialized Clinical Healthcare Staff, connect with an Essential Healthcare Staffing Team member today. We're here to listen and transform your staffing goals into reality, providing the perfect match for your permanent placement needs.