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We provide in-home healthcare across 3 services: Home Health, Bridge Program, & Hospice

Crossroads is a great place to work as a provider or receive care as a patient. We believe in finding, enjoying, and achieving a better way in healthcare together by treating our team, patients, and healthcare partners as family.

We are committed to three strategic anchors and to becoming the #1 employer and #1 in-home healthcare provider of choice in the Bay Area. 

1. Create an environment that acts as a magnet for the most collaborative, unselfish, and team-oriented people

2. Challenge and improve outcomes through curiosity, data-analysis, and collaboration/debate

3. Establish processes and a partnership-mentality that makes our agency easy to work with and refer to

So what does this mean for you?

It means you can expect high-quality outcomes (personally and clinically) from the best team of in-home Nurses, Therapists, Social Workers, and Home Health Aides in the Bay Area.

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