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Physical Therapists

Home health physical therapists play a critical role in helping patients regain essential mobility to safely navigate their home environment so they can gain independence. Essential Healthcare Staffing matches skilled therapists working in home health care and the organizations and agencies in need of experienced personnel. Therapists who join our team set their own schedule, the geographic location they want to operate in, and the intensity of their workload—our objective is to put you together with the physical therapy jobs that will meet your personal needs and advance your career goals. As a company created and run by therapists, we support you so that you can focus on supporting your patients. 

Here’s how Essential works for you:

Opening the Door to Countless Opportunities

Essential Healthcare Staffing is your gateway to a large and growing network of local agencies who call on us on a daily basis to provide licensed physical therapists to meet the demands of their practice. Once you’ve completed our onboarding process, you become eligible to work with nearly all of our clients without any additional human resources processing. Even better, we bring the jobs to you, meaning you don’t have to waste your valuable time looking for work.

Your Schedule Your Way

We know that the key to a successful career is what works for you. Whether you want to work full-time, part-time, or seasonally, Essential Healthcare Staffing leaves it up to you to determine the details. The where and when of how you work and overall size of your caseload are all under your control because that’s the best way to ensure that your career satisfaction and work-life balance are as well.

Reporting and Billing the Easy Way

Essential’s user-friendly electronic medical records system (EMR) makes submitting your reports and bills easy, whether you’re working with one client or twenty. You won’t have to wait on reimbursement from multiple sources all on different schedules, either—with convenient direct deposits from Essential and one year-end tax form, your accounting is predictable and simple.

Transparency and Clarity

Essential builds long-term mutually beneficial relationships between the therapists we place and the partners we serve in our community. Therefore, we handle all aspects of our interactions clearly and honestly. Professional relationships built on trust and respect are the foundation of our business.

Administrative Backup

Essential Healthcare Services knows that your time is best spent working with your patients. Our support reduces the time you spend on paperwork and handling routine administrative tasks so you can focus on the reason you became a physical therapist—helping people get better. We constantly look for new, innovative ways to make managing your caseload as efficient and effective as possible.

Rewarding Professional Experiences

The patients you’ll see need physical therapy for a variety of reasons—strokes, accidents, amputations, hip or knee replacements, neurological conditions, and more. When they’ve been released from the hospital and referred for home health physical therapy, the challenge is to achieve the best possible therapeutic outcome for them. You can choose to specialize or see a variety of patients with different conditions.

Temporary-to-Permanent Hire Potential

Our partners know that Essential is the place to find candidates with the professional qualifications and work ethic they’re looking for when they want to make permanent additions to their staff. Instead of interviewing, you can be earning while you find out first-hand if the workplace culture and demands of a potential position are a good fit for you before you commit to a prospective employer.

Physical Therapy in the Home

At home is where patients need and use the functional mobility that physical therapy helps them regain. You’ll be able to assess first-hand the challenges they face, from getting out of chairs or bed to navigating stairs or being able to get from their house to the car. This enables you not only to tailor your therapy to be most helpful, but also to make recommendations to modify the environment for the benefit of your patients. You’ll work with a medical team to help monitor the patient’s overall health, pain management, and quality of life.

Essential Healthcare Staffing is your connection to the array of agencies and organizations looking for licensed, qualified physical therapists to serve their patients. Whether you’re newly licensed and looking to enter the field of home health, experienced and interested in changing career directions, or already employed and seeking a way to supplement your income through additional part-time or seasonal work, we can find the right opportunities for you. Contact us today to find out more about becoming part of Essential’s team.

Active California State License for Therapy
Current Professional Liability Insurance
Current CPR/BLS
Valid Driver’s License/Auto Insurance

Flexible Schedule
Concentrated Regions
Competitive Rates

Detail Oriented
Personable Patient

“I’ve been with the company since November 2015 and I am grateful to be a part of the team. The staff at a Essential provide an excellent work environment where you feel appreciated and taken care of. It’s a company filled with individuals looking to provide the best care to patients as well as their staff. Can’t say enough good things about Essential.”

Matthew D.

“This is a great company to work for. They have been really supportive with day to day tasks and responsibilities with being a Physical Therapist.”

Dora T.

“I love working in this company.  I’m new in the field of home health and the staff are so nice in helping me navigate this new world that I am in.  Great pay, great support!”

Maria C.