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Occupational Therapists

When patients are released from a hospital or skilled nursing facility, they may need to regain critical daily skills. The home health occupational therapists who work with them are their key to independence, safety, and dignity. At Essential Healthcare Staffing, our goal is to match skilled occupational therapists with the agencies and organizations in search of the right personnel to meet their patients’ needs. Therapists who join our team decide their own schedule, geographic area they want to work in, and intensity of their workload. You choose what you want to do and then we put you together with the occupational therapy jobs that fit your specifications and advance your career goals. As a company founded and run by therapists, Essential’s mission is to support you so you can focus on supporting your patients. 

Here’s how Essential works for you:

One Company, Endless Opportunities

Essential Healthcare Staffing works with a large, growing network of agencies that call on us daily in search of licensed occupational therapists to meet the demands of their practices. When you join our team, you’ll eliminate the need to spend your valuable time looking for work—we bring the jobs to you. Simply complete a single onboarding process with us, and you become eligible to work with the vast majority of our clients without any additional human resources requirements.

Shape Your Own Career

Work-life balance and career satisfaction are fundamental to the way we do business. Essential Healthcare Staffing gives you control over the details of your job because we know that you’re the best judge of how to successfully practice your vocation. You decide when and where you work and the overall size of your caseload, whether you want to work full-time, part-time, or seasonally.

Easy Reporting and Billing

Essential gives you all the advantages of working with multiple clients without any of the hassles. You’ll enter your reports and bills into our user-friendly electronic medical records system (EMR), which means only one standard procedure to learn. You won’t have to wait on reimbursement from multiple sources, either. Instead, you get convenient direct deposits from Essential, and one tax form at the end of the year to keep your accounting simple.

Transparency and Respect

Essential is clear and straightforward in everything we do because our goal is to establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships in our community between the therapists we place and the partners we serve. We build our professional relationships on a foundation of trust and respect.

Varied Professional Experiences

Our therapists work with patients of all ages who have been referred for occupational therapy after a stroke, accident, neurological disorder, or other ailments. After returning home from the hospital, they particularly need help in being able to complete essential daily tasks like grooming, dressing, bathing, or cooking. You can tailor your area of expertise to see the patients you feel you will benefit most.

Temporary-to-Permanent Hire Opportunities

Essential’s partners call on us when they are looking to make additions to their permanent staff because they know our therapists have the qualifications, experience, and work ethic that will make them an asset to any agency. You’ll have the opportunity to see if the workplace culture and demands of a potential position are a good fit before you commit to a prospective employer.

An Ideal Setting for Occupational Therapy

Home health offers occupational therapy patients the most natural environment for relearning daily living skills and offers you, their therapist, the best opportunity to tailor their therapy to exactly address the areas in which they most need help. In addition to customizing your therapy, you will also be able to recommend changes to the environment to facilitate patient independence, from grab bars in the bathroom to rearranging the kitchen to put appliances and utensils in easy reach. You’ll assess your patients’ overall health and advocate for them as part of an overall medical team.

The Advantage of Home Health

When you work to rehabilitate speech therapy patients in their own homes, you enjoy the benefit of customizing your therapy to meet the real-life challenges they face in regaining skills and achieving independent function. You’ll see first-hand the effect that compassionate, individualized care can have on a patient’s day-to-day quality of life in the setting that means the most to them. You also work closely with the overall medical team to evaluate how a patient’s environment and medical status affect their recovery and advocate on their behalf.

Essential Healthcare Staffing can help you craft the occupational therapy career you want. Our networking brings the jobs to you. We have the right opportunities for newly licensed therapists interested in home health, experienced therapists looking to change career directions, or already-employed therapists seeking additional income through seasonal or part-time work. Contact Essential today to learn more about joining our team.

Active California State License for Therapy
Current Professional Liability Insurance
Current CPR/BLS
Valid Driver’s License/Auto Insurance

Flexible Schedule
Concentrated Regions
Competitive Rates

Detail Oriented
Personable Patient

“I’ve been with the company since November 2015 and I am grateful to be a part of the team. The staff at a Essential provide an excellent work environment where you feel appreciated and taken care of. It’s a company filled with individuals looking to provide the best care to patients as well as their staff. Can’t say enough good things about Essential.”

Matthew D.

“This is a great company to work for. They have been really supportive with day to day tasks and responsibilities with being a Physical Therapist.”

Dora T.

“I love working in this company.  I’m new in the field of home health and the staff are so nice in helping me navigate this new world that I am in.  Great pay, great support!”

Maria C.